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Mathieu Mahve-Beydokhti


Mathieu Mahve-Beydokhti is a senior program manager at the LBG OIS Center. His focus lies on the societal impact of research and more particularly on the impact of involving publics within research. He is an expert in facilitating co-creative workshops to enhance participation between different stakeholders. Mathieu has a background in both natural science and social science, having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Strasbourg and with a master’s degree in Science and Technology Studies (STS) from Maastricht University. Before working at the OIS Center, he was an assistant project manager at the Verein ScienceCenter-Netzwerk where he implemented interactive science engagement projects.

OIS Expertise

  • Impact

    Mathieu is an expert iexamining the societal impact of OIS within research. He advises on how to plan and include impact from the start of a research project and how to monitor and assess impact along the process, as well as the effects of involvement practices on the desired impact, find more here 

Relevant (work) experience

Nov 2017 – Aug 2020

Assistant Project Manager at the Verein ScienceCenter-Netzwerk