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12 Dez 2022 von Konturek Barbara

PPIE Exploration fund: Apply now!

The PPIE Exploration fund supports activities which actively involve the public in research on health and well-being. The call is open until 30th June 2023.

Research shows that early and continuous involvement of the public and patients has a positive impact and that this significantly impacts research findings Involving the public in research empowers people with lived experience and improves the quality and impact of research (Staley, K. 2009. Exploring impact: public involvement in NHS, public health and social care.)

The PPIE Exploration fund therefore supports implementation projects where citizens, people with lived experience and/or other stakeholders are actively involved in research on health and well-being. The LBG OIS Center especially invites smaller projects with the aim to initiate first contacts and dialogues between scientists and the public to apply for funding.

Applicants may apply for max EUR 24,000 (including overhead costs) for patient and public involvement activities.

You can submit your research projects until 30th June 2023. But please note that the call will be closed when the available funding of €250,000 is used up.

Further information on the PPIE Exploration Call 2022


Thomas Palfinger, MSc

Senior Program Manager Involvement

+43 660 215 5741 gubznf.cnysvatre@yot.np.ng

Dr.in Christiane Grill

Senior Program Manager Involvement | currently on maternity leave

+43 1 513 27 50-41 puevfgvnar.tevyy@yot.np.ng