PPIE Exploration Call for Applications

Call and Criteria

The PPIE Exploration call will fund implementation projects which actively involve citizens, those affected by research (such as patients, their relatives, practitioners), people with lived experience and/or other stakeholders in their research on health and well-being. The LBG OIS Center also invites smaller projects with the aim to initiate first contacts and dialogues between scientists and the public to apply for funding.

Organizations with research activities, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and associations based in Austria are eligible for funding.

Applicants may apply for max EUR 24,000 (including overhead costs) for patient and public involvement activities.


Applications must be submitted via e-mail to ccvrrkcybengvba@yot.np.ng until 30th June 2023 latest. But please note that the call will be closed when the available funding of € 250,000 is used up. A consultation with the PPIE team is required for submission. For consultations, please contact the PPIE team via e-mail: ccvrrkcybengvba@yot.np.ng

All necessary documents are to be found in the download section.

Tips and tricks

What kind of specific content do funding applications for participatory projects need to consider for a positive review? What tips and tricks help with the application? These and other questions were answered at the workshop „Writing grant proposals for participatory projects the „right way“ on January 12, 2023.

Here you can find the workshop presentation which gives information on involvement and engagement in research and also provides you with tips and tricks for the PPIE Exploration Call 2022.

Tips and tricks


Thomas Palfinger, MSc

Program Manager Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

+43 660 215 5741 gubznf.cnysvatre@yot.np.ng

Dr.in Christiane Grill

Senior Program Manager Priority Setting

+43 1 513 27 50-41 puevfgvnar.tevyy@yot.np.ng

Looking for inspiration?

We invite applicants to take a look at the project ideas collected in the LBG OIS “Ideas Box”. There you find problems in the field of health that can only be solved through the cooperation of those affected, interest groups and researchers.

You can take up the problems listed there in your project or be inspired by them for your own project. In addition, for many of the published ideas there are contact persons who have submitted the idea and can thus be potential partners for the project submission. The team at the OIS Centre will be happy to establish contact in these cases.

Ideas Box