PPIE Exploration fund

  • Call closed.
  • Funding: max € 24,000 per project, for 1-6 months
  • Total call budget: € 420,000

The PPIE Exploration fund supports implementation projects which actively involve citizens, those affected by research (such as patients, their relatives, practitioners), people with lived experience and/or other stakeholders in their research on health and well-being. There was a great interest in the PPIE Exploration call. In four months, 50 consultations were held on very different and exciting ideas for participatory projects. Due to this high demand, the funding volume was increased from originally € 250,000 to € 420,000.

Organizations with research activities, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and associations based in Austria were eligible for funding. The applicants came from 24 different institutions across Austria with very different backgrounds. Medical universities and universities of applied sciences were particularly targeted, but there was also interest and submissions from civil society actors and patient organizations.

We are now looking forward to the implementation of the funded projects and to an ongoing exchange on the possibilities of participatory research.


Thomas Palfinger, MSc

Program Manager Involvement

+43 660 215 5741 gubznf.cnysvatre@yot.np.ng

Dr.in Christiane Grill

Senior Program Manager Involvement

+43 1 513 27 50-41 puevfgvnar.tevyy@yot.np.ng