The LBG OIS Center team is interdisciplinary, diverse and international. It is led by Lucia Malfent (Operational Manager) and Marion Poetz (Scientific Director) in a distributed leadership approach. Team members have a variety of scientific backgrounds and professional experiences.

Susanne Beck

Senior Researcher

Susanne Beck is a post-doc researcher at the LBG OIS Center at Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). She has received her PhD in economics from Zeppelin University in Germany and has been a visiting scholar at the Lancaster University Management School’s Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Innovation. During her PhD, Susanne developed and lectured several different international courses in the area of Scientific Research Methods, Consumer Behavior, and Family Business Research on bachelor, master, and executive education level. Her research has been published in international peer-reviewed management and marketing journals such as European Management Journal, R&D Management, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management and Family Business Review and her work was awarded with the Best Paper Award from the European Academy of Management. Her current research aims to contributing to the understanding of creating and capturing value from (open) scientific knowledge creation and dissemination. In particular, she is investigating individual, organizational and ecosystem-level antecedents, contingencies, and consequences of applying open innovation principles and methods in the context of science.

tiare-maria brasseur

PhD Student

Tiare Brasseur is a PhD student and researcher at the LBG OIS Center and the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). She received her Master’s in Business Administration from University of Vienna, where she majored in Innovation and Technology Management, and her Bachelor’s Degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business. She furthered her studies in Innovation Management at CBS and Melbourne Business School (MBS). Inspired by recent research in Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, she devoted her master’s thesis to the exploration of “Open and Collaborative Business Model Innovation”. Her research interests span a range of topics within innovation management, including open and collaborative innovation, crowdsourcing, user innovation and business model innovation. She received a Best Paper Award from the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) 2017 in Boston. 

andreas  distel

Post-doc Researcher


Andreas Distel is a Post-doc Researcher at the LBG OIS Center and the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He completed his PhD in Economics and Management at CBS and University of Mannheim. He further was a Research and Teaching Associate at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich. Andreas’ research interests include microfoundations of strategic adaptation and entrepreneurship, collaborative innovation, transferability of entrepreneurial human capital, organizational design and capabilities, as well as antecedents, contingencies, and performance effects of open innovation in science. He applies primarily quantitative methods to analyze data from various sources (e.g., survey data, large scale employee-employer data or text-based data) at multiple levels. Andreas’ work is forthcoming in the Journal of Management and has been presented at leading international conferences of the Strategic Management Society (SMS) and the Academy of Management (AOM), including a nomination for the Best PhD Paper Award by the SMS at the Conference on Micro-Foundations for Strategic Management.


PhD Student

Agnes Effert is a PhD student at the LBG OIS Center. She received her Master’s in Psychology from the University of Vienna with specializations in economic and social psychology. Her research interests include the microfoundations of open and collaborative behavior in the context of science.


Team Assistant

Marlies Graf-Demirtaş is the team assistant at the LBG OIS Center. Before joining the LBG OIS team, she completed the Cambridge CELTA course and moved to Istanbul, where she taught English at a secondary school. Prior to that she worked in Salzburg as an office manager for ten years. 

Gouya Harirchi

Post-doc Researcher

Gouya Harirchi is Post-doc Researcher at the LBG OIS Center where she is mainly involved with the crowdsourcing project. She has gained her PhD from Copenhagen Business School and has been a visiting scholar at Temple University. Before joining the LBG OIS Center, she had been a research fellow at the PACINNO project, a European initiative aimed at creating a collaboration platform for innovation in the Adriatic region. Having a background in innovation studies, she has investigated the knowledge transfer across innovation systems, and the dynamics of the scientific communities. Her works have been published in journals such as Research Policy, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, World Development, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, and Scientometrics.

Fiete Hofmann

Project Manager

Fiete Hofmann is a Project Manager at the LBG OIS Center at Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft. He completed his BA and MA in Staatswissenschaften at the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences in Erfurt/Thuringia and majored in International Relations, Technology Assessment and Public Law. Fiete Hofmann promoted the industry, served as an agent at insurance companies and was also an inter- and transdisciplinary researcher and scientific employee at universities and companies.



Katie Hyslop is a researcher at the LBG OIS Center. She is in the final stages of completing her PhD studies in social and economic studies at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. She received her Master´s in International Business from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and her Bachelor’s Degree from Edinburgh Napier University. During her time as Teaching and Research Associate, Katie was involved in developing and delivering several courses in the areas of entrepreneurial management and innovation and strategy at the WU Vienna and FH Wien University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication. Her current research focusses on a broad range of themes within the field of innovation management, including the management of open and collaborative innovation processes in SMEs, and exploring the antecedents, contingencies and effects of open innovation in science. 

Raphaela Kaisler

Research Group & Relationship Manager

Raphaela Kaisler is a psychologist with a multidisciplinary background in molecular biology and science communication. As a scientist, she worked in basic research in the field of cancer research, neuroscience and social psychology before she focused on project management in research organisations. Before joining the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, she gained work experience as project manager at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (research service) and the interdisciplinary Cognitive Research Platform at the University of Vienna. Additional training in the psychosocial field and work with children and adolescents form the basis for her interface function at the Ludwig Boltzmann Society. As a Research Group and Relationship Manager, she supports the Research Groups on Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in establishing a partner network and bridging science and society in research processes. The focus is on engaging the public, experts-by-experience in the field of mental health and other key stakeholders in research activities. The research program "Mental Health" is the continuation of the CRIS I project and aims to promote mental health of children and adolescents using open innovation methods to generate societal relevant impact by engaging with patients and family members in research. 


Post-doc Researcher

Marcel LaFlamme is a post-doc researcher at the LBG OIS Center at Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School. He received his PhD in anthropology from Rice University in the United States, where his research focused on changing forms of expertise and their institutionalization at an innovation cluster in the rural U.S. state of North Dakota. With a background in library and information science, he also served as managing editor for the open-access journal Cultural Anthropology. His current work concerns the design of ecosystems for open, collaborative, and public scholarship. He also has a methodological interest in experimentality and the politics of evidence.

Patrick Lehner

Impact and Knowledge Exchange, Data Protection

As Head of impact and knowledge exchange, data protection Patrick Lehner is responsible for planning and implementing Open Science and knowledge exchange at the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft. Before, Patrick served as Director of Administration at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and headed the Research Service Center at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In his early days as a researcher he specialized in innovation systems and knowledge transfer between academia and economy.

Lucia Malfent

Operational Manager

Lucia Malfent has been managing the Open Innovation in Science Initiative at Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft since 2014. She has been involved in developing the crowdsourcing project “Tell us!”, which aims to generate new research questions in the field of mental health as well as Lab for Open Innovation in Science (LOIS). It is an education programme through which scientists can learn how to apply Open Innovation methods and principles throughout the entire process of generating and disseminating new scientific knowledge. Lucia is an expert in communications science. She studied at the University of Salzburg (Department of Communication Studies) and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanzehogeschool Groningen). Before joining the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, Lucia held various positions within the fields of communications and project management, including Global Head of Corporate Communications at Intercell AG. Lucia completed the Trainee Program of the Federation of Austrian Industries (Industriellenvereinigung). She is a communications trainer and has lived in China, which was the source of inspiration for her PhD thesis on the theme of “Mobile Elites and Cultural Differences in Human Resources Management”.

Benjamin Missbach

Project Manager — Open Innovation in Science 

Benjamin Missbach is responsible for several Open Innovation in Science projects (e.g.: crowdsourcing, crowdfunding). Before joining the LBG OIS Center, Ben received his PhD in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Vienna in 2016, focussing on behavioral aspects of food intake. His research has been published in several international peer-reviewed scientific journals He has been part of the LBG OIS Center since early 2017.

Marie Niederleithinger 


Marie Niederleithinger is a biochemist by training and currently supporting the Center as an intern. During her studies in Jena and Göttingen, she also spent time gaining practical experience in Chile and France and specialized in neuroscience. She furthermore started working as a journalist. She wrote for the magazine Gehirn&Geist by Spektrum Verlag and the sector platform, among others. In the run-up to her dissertation, she initially wanted to learn as much as possible about how scientific findings can be prepared for different target groups. The excursion began with communication trainings for researchers at the Nationales Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation in Karlsruhe, continued with science art at the German organization for science communication Wissenschaft im Dialog in Berlin – and finally led her to the LBG OIS Center. As an intern, she experiences how research gains in quality by involving the public and develops her own projects.

Franziska Nittinger

Project Manager - Lab for Open Innovation in Science

Franziska Nittinger is responsible to foster the development of key programms (LOIS) and target group specific activities to enhance Open Innovation in Science methods and principles (capacity & capability).  Before joining the LBG OIS Center, Franziska headed the Development and Quality Management Unit at the Technische Universität Wien. She has a multidisciplinary background in evolutionary biology, science communication and public governence.

Manon oschounig

Public Relations

Manon Oschounig is a social media and online expert at the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and is also responsible for managing all PR & communication-related matters and social media channels of the LBG OIS Center. She received her Master's in Management at Vienna University of Economics and Business, where she also completed her Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration. In her master thesis, she investigated the topic of urban gardening in Vienna and analyzed motivational and organizational structures of such community projects. Having studied and worked in Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, the USA and Canada, her experiences allow her to see challenges from different perspectives and bring new ideas to her daily tasks. Her interest in innovation was raised during a congress for social innovation in Canada, which inspired and motivated her to keep track of novelties in this field. Before joining the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft in 2016, Manon worked in the marketing department of a multinational company. She is interested in acquiring new skills and qualifications, learning new languages, attending tech conferences and participating in events about digitalization, social media, science communications and business innovations.

Marion Poetz

Scientific Director

Marion Poetz is Associate Professor of Innovation Management at the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Scientific Director of the LBG OIS Center. She received her PhD from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has been a visiting scholar at MIT Sloan School of Management, Bocconi University and ETH Zurich. Inspired by phenomena linked to open innovation, crowdsourcing and similar topics, her research is concerned with strategy, leadership, organizational learning and problem solving in new forms of innovation practices that are characterized by being more open, distributed, collaborative, and democratized than traditional models. Marion’s work has been published in leading international journals such as Management Science or the Journal of Product Innovation Management, featured in media such as Harvard Business Review or Inc. Magazine, and received numerous awards. Marion engages as a coordinator and teacher in different international master, PhD and executive teaching programs in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. She is the academic head of the new Graduate Diploma Program in Innovation Management at CBS and co-initiator of the Danish SME Crowdsourcing Lab. Marion has been an academic advisor and consultant to organizations from various industries including national and international firms and policy-making institutions. She has been involved in developing the Open Innovation in Science (OIS) Initiative of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and acts as the academic director of the Lab for Open Innovation in Science (LOIS). Marion is affiliated with the Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics (DRUID), the Academy of Management (AOM) and has been selected as a member of the Young Global Leaders (YGLs) of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Alexander Ruser

Post-doc Researcher

Alexander Ruser is working on a research project which aims at mapping and estimating the impact of the Lab for Open Innovation in Science (LOIS) on open innovation processes. Alexander is Post-doc researcher at the LBG OIS Center and Senior Lecturer at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen where he also represented the Chair for Cultural Theory and Analysis in 2016. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology at Heidelberg University and has previously been a postdoctoral research fellow at the Karl-Mannheim Chair for Cultural Studies, Dahrendorf Fellow at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences as well as a Visiting Fellow and at the Punjab University in Chandigarh, India. As a subject specialist for the State Institute for Civic Education Baden-Württemberg (2008-2013), Alexander organized and facilitated citizen participation projects and public seminars on economic and environmental issues. He is researching the impact of expert knowledge in public deliberation and political decision-making during the Euro-Crisis and in international climate politics. He has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Global Policy, Current Sociology, Innovation and the Journal of Civil Society. Alexander is an active member of an international research network on social philosophy of science coordinated by the Russian Academy of Science and elected member of the international editorial board of Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.

Roi Shternin

Patient in Residence

After Being ill for years, Roi has diagnosed himself with a rare condition (POTS Syndrome), starting a medical revolution, saving lives and promoting health on his way to saving his own life. Roi serves as "The Patient in Residence" and the Innovation Manager at the LBG OIS Center. He is an E- patient, a patient advocate and a social entrepreneur and graduated from the Social-Educational Initiative Incubator at the Kibbutzim College of Education. Moreover, he is the founder of the Israeli Society of Dysautonomia, a patient led medical society, of the lifesaving Help+ App, which is designed to not only benefit the general public, but also specifically assist the deaf and hearing-impaired call for help and serves as the national operating model for emergency medical apps in Israel. Roi is also co-founder of two lifesaving medical device startups, & iDefi and the Digital Startup Doqme. In addition, he also established the "LaBriut!"("For GoodHealth")  an award winning Health education project, and Project Hearts, an international Youth movement that empowers teenagers through lifesaving skills. In addition, Roi was one of the founders of the TEDx community in Israel and a TEDx speaker himself. Roi has embarked on a journey to revolutionize medicine, making healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Daniel Spichtinger

Project Manager — Leveraging Open Data Re-Use

Daniel Spichtinger is responsible for the “Leveraging Open Data Re-Use" project. Daniel obtained a joint "Magister" (Mag.phil) degree from the University of Vienna (Austria) in English, Communication Science and History (2000). He also received a Master of Arts in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Bath (UK, 2002), where he wrote his master thesis on involving civil society in EU research policy development. After several internships (at the Commission and for several European umbrella NGOs) and a stint as online editor for two Austrian newspapers he has been working on EU funded research projects since 2005. He was involved "hands on" in proposal writing as well as dissemination of research results for several research consortia, including the FP6 MoniQA Network of Excellence (FP6) on food safety. From January 2012 to January 2018 Daniel Spichtinger was employed by the European Commission as a project and senior policy officer for open access to scientific peer-reviewed publications and research data. In this capacity he contributed to the development of open access policies in Horizon 2020, including for instance the design and implementation of the Open Access to Research Data Pilot. He also interacted with the Member States and relevant external stakeholders, providing presentations and trainings as well as managing projects in this area.

Julia Süss-Reyes

Post-doc Researcher

Julia Süss-Reyes is a post-doc researcher at the LBG OIS Center at Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). She holds a doctoral degree in social and economic science from WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. During her doctoral program, Julia developed and lectured several international courses in the area of Scientific Methods, Family Business Management, Strategy and Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship at WU Vienna and FHWien University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication. Her research has been published in leading international journals, including Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Family Business Strategy, Journal of Business Economics and Journal of Rural Studies. Julia has received several awards for her work, e.g. the Heinrich Stremitzer-Prize for outstanding research and the Best Reviewer Award from the International Family Enterprise Research Academy. Her current research focuses on contributing to the understanding of antecedents, contingencies, and consequences of applying open innovation principles in science. 

Magdalena wailzer

Project Manager

Magdalena Wailzer supports the OIS initiative on the operational side. She received both her Bachelor’s and her Master‘s degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business and spent time abroad in the US, Belgium, Spain and India. Her thesis within the Master program „Strategy, Innovation and Management Control“ investigated performance and impact measurement in Austrian social enterprises. Before joining the LBG OIS team, Magdalena held jobs in several different industries, the latest at TU Wien.

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