Here you will find everything related to the OIS Research Conference 2023

Title: May 8-10, 2023 | Vienna, Austria (hybrid)

About the conference

***Information about the OIS Research Conference 2023 will be updated regularly***

The organizing committee invites you to join the OIS Research Conference 2023 in Vienna, Austria (hybrid conference).

Started in 2019, this conference brings together scholars from across disciplines who are interested in investigating and discussing the role and value of openness and collaboration in science. In addition to inspirational paper sessions, the conference program typically includes a keynote speech, an OIS Debate, and an OIS experiment session related to the year’s conference theme. In these OIS experimentation sessions we “walk the talk” by experimenting with novel ways to do our own research. In the past, for example, we have co-conceptualized the OIS field from scratch (Beck et al., 2022) and co-developed research proposals with “users” of our research (Beck et al., 2021).

Researching OIS includes investigating whether, how, and under which conditions applying open and collaborative practices along one or more stages of the scientific research process influences novelty, efficiency, and/or the impact of scientific research, taking a balanced view that recognizes important contingency factors on the individual, organizational, and ecosystem-level. Within this framework, paper presentation sessions at the conference are, among others, related to citizen and crowd science, university-industry collaborations, data and material sharing, inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations, and scientific networks.

The 2023 OIS Research Conference will have a hybrid format to enable online as well as in-person contributions and participation. More information on the atmosphere and session formats of previous OIS conferences can be found here.

Submission and registration

Join the thriving OIS community, share your research, and become part of the next OIS Experiment! We look forward to receiving your ideas and submissions once our submission window opens later this year. Please contact us at for any conference-specific questions or to be added to our conference mailing list, which will ensure that you receive the latest updates about the annual OIS Research Conference.

Please also note that:

  • Participating in the OIS Research Conference is free of charge.
  • We welcome abstracts from early-stage research (research proposals and ongoing projects) as well as from advanced projects.
  • Participating in the conference requires either getting an abstract accepted for presentation at the OIS Research Conference 2023 or being invited to contribute in an active role as a speaker, discussant, panelist, or session facilitator. Given that the conference will be implemented in a hybrid format, allowing for physical and virtual contributions and participation, we will additionally enable online participation in selected sessions for a broader audience. More information on this will be shared at a later date.
  • The paper of the submitted abstract must not have been accepted for journal publication.

We look forward to welcoming you at the 4th OIS Research Conference!

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