Research Priorities for Burn Nursing. Report of the Wound Care and Infection Control Group

Carrougher et al. (1991) full text summary PDF

For which topic were research priorities identified?

burn nursing

In which location was the research priority setting conducted?

North America - USA

Why was it conducted at all?

Since research resources are limited, members voiced a need to direct future research endeavors toward areas of greatest concern. To respond to this concern, we constructed a study designed to identify the issues for future research that would be most relevant to bnur nursing.

What was the objective?

to identify research priorities in burn nursing

What was the outcome?

a ranking list of 10 research questions

How long did the research prioritization take?

No information provided.

Which methods were used to identify research priorities?


How were the priorities for research identified exactly?

Step 1: Delphi round 1: nurses were asked to submit 3 to 5 questions that could be answered by nursing research, 548 questions submitted. Step 2: data processing: questions reviewed, edited and combined to form 101 research questions. Step 3: Delphi round 2: 101-item questionnaire: participants were asked to rate questions, also asked whether each question should be addressed primarily through nursing research or through collaborative research. Step 4: Delphi round 3: participants were asked to re-rate and comment on each question after reviewing the mean scores from round 2. Step 5: Delphi round 4: participants were asked to review the round 3 comments, their personal ratings, and the mean scores from round 3, and then asked to re-rate

Which stakeholders took part?

Head nurses of 198 burn care facilities. Delphi round 1: 158 participants. Delphi round 2: 121 participants. Delphi round 3: 115 participants.

How were stakeholders recruited?

Each head nurse was asked to distribute the questionnaires to interested registered nurses involved in burn care.

Were stakeholders actively involved or did they just participate?

Stakeholders not only participated but were also actively involved in the research prioritization process: They were part of an advisory board. The advisory board was involved in data processing.