Priorities for the Development and Evaluation of Support after Suicide Bereavement in the UK: Results of a Discussion Group

Pitman et al. (2016) full text summary PDF

For which topic were research priorities identified?

support after suicide bereavement

In which location was the research priority setting conducted?

Europe - United Kingdom

Why was it conducted at all?

Despite the clear vulnerabilities of people bereaved by suicide, and this high level of policy attention few tailored interventions for this group have been evaluated in a randomised trial. The few published trials demonstrate weak evidence for effectiveness, and none were UK-based. This means that although a network of support after suicide is currently growing in the UK, it is not yet evidence based.

What was the objective?

to identify research priorities among people bereaved by suicide regarding support needs

What was the outcome?

a list of 3 research topics

How long did the research prioritization take?

No information provided.

Which methods were used to identify research priorities?

group discussion

How were the priorities for research identified exactly?

Step 1: group discussion with 10 adults bereaved by suicide of a partner or family member, participants were asked four questions which set the context for the identification of research priorities: What services are missing from current provision of support after suicide in the UK? What is the role of GPs? What support would be appropriate for bereaved people who feel suicidal? When conducting research trials of interventions offered after suicide bereavement, what are the most meaningful measures of impact?, at end of discussion a summary of key points was given. Step 2: summary draft written and emailed to participants for feedback

Which stakeholders took part?

Adults bereaved by the suicide of a partner or family member. 10 participants.

How were stakeholders recruited?

Participants bereaved by suicide were recruited by emailing contacts at a range of voluntary sector organizations (Coroners' Court Support Service; Suicide Bereaved Network; Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide; Cruse Bereavement Care; Child Bereavement UK, Widowed by Suicide, the WAY Foundation) and by contacting local GPs in Camden and Islington (two boroughs in central north London).

Were stakeholders actively involved or did they just participate?

Stakeholders were mere participants of the research prioritization process; they were not actively involved in the process.