Expert and Stakeholder Consensus on Priorities for Obesity Prevention Research in Early Care and Education Settings

Ward et al. (2013) full text summary PDF

For which topic were research priorities identified?

healthy weight development in children aged 2-5 years

In which location was the research priority setting conducted?

North America - USA

Why was it conducted at all?

Early childhood is a formative period for many weight-related behaviors (diet and activity), but little obesity prevention research targeting this age group has been conducted. Early care and education settings are a useful avenue for interventions targeting young children, but the limited research provides insufficient evidence upon which to base policy decisions, practice guidelines, or mobilized efforts to improve healthy eating and physical activity, and ultimately healthy weight development in these settings.

What was the objective?

to explore challenges and priorities for future research on healthy weight development in children aged 2-5 years

What was the outcome?

a list of 24 research topics

How long did the research prioritization take?

2 days

Which methods were used to identify research priorities?

meeting; survey

How were the priorities for research identified exactly?

Step 1: meeting: round table discussions on key issues around measurement of diet and physical activity, policy and environment measurement, intervention approaches, policy research, and capacity development, 64 research issues were identified. Step 2: survey: participants were asked to select top research priorities, resulting in 24 topics

Which stakeholders took part?

Academics/researchers, representatives from multiple foundations interested in child obesity prevention, delegates from multiple branches of the nih and the united states department of health and human services, and other key leaders in ece. Meeting: 43 participants. Survey: 19 participants.

How were stakeholders recruited?

Experts in their fields were identified.

Were stakeholders actively involved or did they just participate?

Stakeholders were mere participants of the research prioritization process; they were not actively involved in the process.