Determining Research Priorities in Pediatric Nursing: A Delphi Study

Schmidt et al. (1997) full text summary PDF

For which topic were research priorities identified?


In which location was the research priority setting conducted?

North America - USA

Why was it conducted at all?

The Department of Nursing at a large midwestern teaching hospital has a strong commitment to nursing research and research utilization. Within the Department of Nursing, each Clinical Nursing Division has an active research committee. However, in the current environment of limited funds for nondirect patient care activities, the Pediatric Nursing Research Committee identified the need to identify and prioritize topics on which committee time would be focused in the future. It was felt that nursing staff who provide bedside care on a daily basis should have a major role in identifying priority topics.

What was the objective?

to identify research priorities for the Pediatric Research committee for future projects

What was the outcome?

a ranking list of 15 research topics

How long did the research prioritization take?

No information provided.

Which methods were used to identify research priorities?


How were the priorities for research identified exactly?

Step 1: Delphi round 1: participants were asked: List two problems, practice issues, or areas affecting patient welfare that need to be reviewed or studied by nursing. Step 2: data processing: 45 topics identified. Step 3: Delphi round 2: survey asking participants to choose and then rank five topics they felt should be research priorities. Step 4: Delphi round 3: participants were asked to rank only their top five priorities

Which stakeholders took part?

Pediatric nursing staff. Delphi round 1: 63 participants. Delphi round 2: 48 participants.

How were stakeholders recruited?

The survey was sent to all pediatric nursing staff of a large midwestern teaching hospital. In the initial round of the survey, questionnaires were sent to all 329 staff members who were members of the Pediatric Nursing Division at that time.

Were stakeholders actively involved or did they just participate?

Stakeholders were mere participants of the research prioritization process; they were not actively involved in the process.