Call and Criteria

The first PPIE call opened on 1st September 2020. Applicants were able to apply for minimum EUR 20.000 and up to EUR 60.000 (including overhead costs) for patient and public involvement activities. Planned activities had to be directly linked to and occurred in patient and public involvement activities in research. The first call consisted of a total of € 600.000.

In order to further develop PPIE activities in Austria and to better understand the needs, funded projects are asked to take part in a survey at the end of the term. The survey will help us to better adapt the facilitation program to the needs of the community.

Selection criteria

Criteria Guiding questions
Quality of
To which extent does the level of involvement and study level address the scope of the call (active and meaningful involvement of patients and the public)?
Impact To which extent do the proposed involvement activities add value to the target group and/or society?
To which extent do the proposed involvement activities add value to the research processes or research activities?
Implementation To which extent is the implementation plan adequate to the proposed activities and aims in terms of methods used, frequency of involvement, number and diversity of patient and/or public involved?
Feasibility To which extent are the proposed involvement activities feasible in terms of budget and timeline?

Selection Panel

The panel of experts is an external and independent body to ensure an objective assessment of applications of the PPIE call. The panel of experts consists of following representatives:

  • Two international senior researchers in the field of patient and public involvement,
  • two representatives of the public thereof one patient and one public member in the field of public health and
  • two young persons (16-25 years) with basic knowledge of scientific processes.

All experts represent different perspectives on participatory practices and map different stakes because of their backgrounds and different forms of knowledge.

Funded PPIE projects

Within the first PPIE call, 11 projects were selected for funding.

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Program Manager Involvement

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