Funding to implement Patient & Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) in your research. Currently there is no open call.

Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) means research “with” or “by” patients and members of the public rather than “to”, ”about” or “for” them. PPIE practices aim to:

  • Empower the public and people with lived experience by involving them in research.
  • Benefit research quality and its impact on society by including patients’ and citizens’ knowledge from personal experience or practice and by making research more oriented towards their needs.


FUND: we fund public involvement initiatives on different levels of interaction – from involving the public to leading their own initiatives.

SUPPORT: we offer consultation and training opportunities for researchers and citizens, and a peer network to foster an exchange of knowledge in the PI community and learning from PI initiatives.

FOLLOW: we evaluate the outcomes and impact of PI initiatives to learn for future calls and programs.

Funded PPIE projects

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Thomas Palfinger, MSc

Program Manager Involvement

+43 660 215 5741 gubznf.cnysvatre@yot.np.ng