OIS Enrichment Fund

The OIS Enrichment Fund supports all activities of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes and Research Groups in which stakeholders are actively involved in research.

In recent years, the European Commission has increasingly advocated the involvement of citizens in research, as the social, environmental, and economic challenges of our time can only be solved jointly by science and society.

“Interaction between citizens, scientists and policy makers is essential to enrich
research and innovation, and reinforce trust of society in science.“

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

However, researchers often do not have enough opportunities to gain experience with stakeholder involvement in research and to learn from this encounter. The OIS Enrichment Fund therefore aims to introduce researchers to stakeholder involvement in research. In doing so, the OIS Enrichment Fund teaches why research can benefit from stakeholder involvement, what methods are available for doing so, and how to set up and implement “good” stakeholder involvement.

Two funding tracks are available to all interested parties for this purpose:

  • OIS Experiment: Funding of up to 10,000 € is available for activities to experiment with Open Innovation in Science approaches and practices and to gain initial experience with stakeholder involvement in research.
  • OIS Integration: Funding of up to 80,000 € is available for activities to sustainably integrate the idea of Open Innovation in Science into research at LBI and LBF.


Dr.in Christiane Grill

Senior Program Manager Priority Setting

+43 1 513 27 50-41 puevfgvnar.tevyy@yot.np.ng