Priority Setting

Researchers and stakeholders jointly identify important and innovative questions for research


Typically, researchers, research institutions, or funding organizations decide alone on the questions that research should answer. Those directly affected by research (practitioners, patients, their relatives, or citizens) are rarely consulted although they have first-hand knowledge of the topic at hand and can contribute new perspectives. Their expertise by experience helps researchers to identify novel research questions and detect gaps in research and under-researched topics. Consequently, researchers are nowadays increasingly working together with their stakeholders (practitioners, patients, their relatives, and citizens) to jointly identify questions for research in so-called priority setting projects.

Priority setting includes any activities in which stakeholders identify those topics or questions that research needs to address most urgently. By giving stakeholders a say in what should be researched, research is closer to the needs of society, research results are put into practice more quickly, and scarce resources are used efficiently.

How we support you

We advise and support researchers and stakeholders in working together in priority setting projects to identify those topics and questions that research needs to address most urgently. We provide consultation, coaching, and mentoring along the questions: Who needs to be involved in the priority setting project? How must the project be designed and implemented? How can the identified priorities be effectively integrated into the research landscape?

We hereby build upon our multifaceted experiences with crowdsourcing projects (“Tell Us! What Questions about Accidental Injuries Does Research Need to Answer?“, “Tell Us! What Questions about Mental Health Does Research Need to Answer?“), lead user / lead expert workshops and sandpit approaches like the Ideas Lab.  Our highly innovative approaches have led to the very successful establishment of two research institutes (LBI for Digital Health and Patient Safety, LBI for Digital Health and Prevention) and three research groups (Research Group D.O.T., Research Group Village, Research Group Senescence and Healing of Wounds).

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Our Priority Setting Database offers a comprehensive overview of projects in which researchers and stakeholders have jointly identified topics and questions that research needs to address most urgently.

Our scoping reviewInvolving Stakeholders in Research Priority Setting” describes priority setting projects worldwide and analyzes how much say stakeholders had in setting the research agenda.

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