Strategic partnership – OIS Impact Labs

Building competence to involve society in research

Through the Impact Labs program, the LBG OIS Center aims to support other Austrian research institutions to create infrastructures and resources to involve societal actors in research, by providing competence training and capacity building and by funding and supporting pilot trans- and interdisciplinary as well as cross-institutional projects. In this way, the OIS Impact Labs build institutional competencies for a successful participation in the EU Framework Programme Horizon Europe.

Another objective is the creation of an active network of researchers who want to contribute to (social) innovation through their research and promote the use of open innovation methods in science. The OIS Impact Labs are set up in the form of targeted strategic partnerships in which Open Innovation methods are implemented, in order to enable an innovation boost for the Austrian research and innovation system.

The framework conditions to pursue these aims are:

  • The meaningful and convincing involvement of stakeholders from business, politics and civil society, in particular affected people, in research
  • The development of skills and expertise to engage the public and stakeholders outside of academia
  • Building new partnerships and deepening existing ones
  • Testing different forms of engagement to increase societal impact
  • Create a network of OIS stakeholders within and beyond the organization

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Our OIS Impact Labs

„Action for Sustainable Future hub“

In partnership with the Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

In these times of multiple crises – economic crisis, ecological crisis, biodiversity crisis, and crisis of distribution –  the „Action for Sustainable Futures (ASF) hub“ aims to find answers to the pressing question: What could a sustainable transformation of society look like?

The ASF hub works toward this aim by supporting inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations between civil society, science and arts. The ASF Hub funds key projects oriented towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), working on practical solutions with high societal relevance. Citizens play an active part in shaping these projects, which combine scientific and artistic strategies.

Action for Sustainable Futures (ASF) hub

„The future we want!“

In partnership with the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz 

Technological progress gives rise to new opportunities for society and exciting questions for science. In order to jointly address these potentials, the OIS Impact Lab „The future we want!“ puts the public and its needs in the spotlight of the discourse on technological future trends. The opinions and challenges of different social groups are involved at the beginning and at the core of the scientific debate on the interplay between people and technology. The Lab „The future we want!“ aims to create social and scientific benefits through transdisciplinary and open research and innovation activities on research topics with high societal transformation potential including, for instance, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science, and more.

The future we want

„Caring Communities for Future“

In partnership with the Austrian National Public Health Institute (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH)


The gradual aging of the population as well as current socio-economic developments are leading to an increasing demand for quality health care and nursing, which poses complex challenges for society and the health care system in particular. The OIS Impact Lab “Caring Communities for Future” aims to meet these challenges and support innovative approaches and ideas for addressing community health needs, by improving the cooperation between civil society initiatives, municipal administrations, and professional services that strengthen the quality of life and health in a community.
The Caring Communities for Future Lab is established as a laboratory for Open Innovation in Science and funds transdisciplinary research projects that address complex challenges in the field of health and community care. The Lab strives for the further development and sustainable anchoring of Caring Communities in our societies.

Caring Communities for Future


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