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26 Sep 2022 by LBG OIS Center

PPIE: The new projects involving patients and citizens start their work

After a successful first round, the LBG Open Innovation in Science Center has successfully completed a new call for proposals on citizen involvement in research.

Nine projects were selected in the second round of the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Implementation Program (PPIE). The innovative programme thus once again supports Austrian research institutions in actively involving patients and citizens in research projects and thus promotes the general involvement of citizens in science. The call received a total of 28 applications from 19 different institutions in Austria. The funded projects have already started their work.

The PPIE team supports the implementation of the projects by providing advice and topic-specific training through expert workshops and webinars. The projects are also embedded in a peer network to promote exchange and peer learning.

Projects with patients and citizens as co-researchers

The nine selected projects address various challenges at the intersection between health and social sciences and involve patients and citizens in their research projects in different ways.

The Clinical Research Centre for Transitional Psychiatry at the Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences, for instance, deals with the mental health challenges of adolescents between the ages of 15 and 25. Young people with mental health problems, together with their families and mental health professionals, help shape the desired clinical services and research priorities.
In the VOICE project “Giving people with psychoses a voice” at the Medical University of Vienna, affected people and clinical experts work together as co-researchers to improve diagnostic and treatment procedures, and give affected people their own voice in research. In four workshops, the project will reflect upon guideline-oriented diagnosis and treatment procedures and question how the current state of medicine meets the needs of patients.

Further information on all the funded projects can be found here (in German).

Event information:

The selected projects can also be met at the „OIS zam: Forum für Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden“, which will take place for the first time in Vienna from 21 to 22 October. The forum will present these and other Austrian projects in which stakeholders inside and outside science work and research together on health and well-being.
Registration for participation in the Forum is possible until 10 October 2022; participation is free of charge. Further information can be found on the website: https://oiszam.lbg.ac.at/.

The projects


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