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01 Sep 2020 von LBG OIS Center

PPIE Call opens

To support the PPIE Environment in Austria the PPIE implementation program (2020-2023) is launched at the LBG OIS Center. The program aims to support activities which enable research “with” or “by” patients and members of the public. These activities aim to empower the public and people with lived experience through involving them in projects or the governance of research. Two separate calls are planned as part of the implementation program, one opening in October 2020 and the second in 2021.

In the first call applicants can apply for minimum EUR 20.000 and up to EUR 60.000 (including overhead costs) for patient and public involvement activities. Planned activities must be directly linked to and occurred in patient and public involvement activities in research. It is important to note that personnel costs are not eligible in this call (only as part of overhead costs). It is intended to enable participatory formats and foster the exchange between the public and science. You can find a detailed description of eligible costs in the call document and implementation guideline.

Applications must be submitted online via the LBG calls platform (https://calls.lbg.ac.at/login) until 31th October 2020 at 5pm CET. All necessary documents are found in the download center. Further information about PPIE and support activities is found at the OIS-LBG Homepage.

All eligible proposals will be evaluated by an external panel of experts. These experts represent different perspectives on PPIE practices and map different stakes because of their backgrounds and knowledge. The panel consists of:

  • Two international senior researchers in the field of patient and public involvement
  • Two Austrian representatives of the public thereof one patient and one public member in the field of public health
  • Two young persons (16-25 years) with basic knowledge of scientific processes

We therefor ask the applicants to put an emphasis on readability and intelligibility when writing the proposal.

The panel of experts evaluate all applications based on the criteria quality of involvement, impactimplementation and feasibility. These criteria reflect the focus of the program on active and meaningful public involvement. For more details please check the implementation guidelines. We invite all interested applicants to use our online pre-check tool, to learn more about the requirements of the call and consult with the PPIE team on the planned involvement activites.

The PPIE implementation program is accompanied by a facilitation program to support the planned involvement activities and to foster the formation of a cooperative PPIE-network (e.g. by holding workshops, webinars or individual consultations etc.). In order to further develop PPIE activities in Austria and to better understand the needs, supported projects will be asked to take part in a survey at the end of the term. The survey will help us to better adapt the facilitation program to the needs of the community.

Please contact the PPIE team if you have any further questions at ccvr@yot.np.ng.