27 Apr 2023 von Konturek Barbara

Funding participatory reasearch? New initiative for creating a „how to fund“ guide

The LBG OIS Center supports and promotes participatory research projects and implements smaller, experimental funding programs in Austria. In this context, the LBG OIS Center has been confronted with the question of which aspects need to be considered when setting up participatory funding programs from the perspectives of all parties involved (funding agencies, applicants or stakeholders). Therefore, an initiative was launched to formulate a „How to fund“ guide. The aim of the guide is to make it easier for funding managers to set up a funding program for participatory projects by being able to draw on the previous knowledge and experiences of different organizations, applicants and interest groups.

In various workshops, the participants‘ experiences with funding applications for participatory projects was collected. The goal was to learn more about the concrete challenges when applying for participatory projects and to understand the consequences certain decisions have for the implementation of projects.

The final version of the „How to fund“ guide will be presented at the OIS zam: Forum in fall 2023 and will be available to the entire community.