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09 Jun 2022 von LBG OIS Center

Caring Communities: submit now

The future of health promotion and community care

The gradual aging of the population as well as current socio-economic developments are leading to an increasing demand for quality health care and nursing, which poses complex challenges for society and the health care system in particular. The „Caring Communities for Future Lab“ aims to meet these challenges and support innovative approaches and ideas for addressing community health needs, by improving the cooperation between civil society initiatives, municipal administrations, and professional services that strengthen the quality of life and health in a community.

This new OIS Impact Lab, a strategic partnership between the OIS Center and Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, is established as a laboratory to apply Open Innovation in Science to the field of health and community care. The lab will fund transdisciplinary research projects addressing complex challenges at the interface of health promotion, urban and regional development, and social and care sciences. A call for projects was published at the end of June under our funding opportunities, for applicants to submit their proposals by mid-October. The lab will support projects striving for the further development and sustainable anchoring of Caring Communities in our societies and involving different actors from research, civil society, and practice.

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