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14 Nov 2022 von LBG OIS Center

Best Paper Award for the OIS Research Team

OIS Researchers receive the Best Paper Award at the JPIM Research Forum 2022 for their paper “Increasing the Depth of Crowd Involvement: Decision Making and Co-Creation Challenges in Science”

In the awarded paper, the authors Julia Suess-Reyes, Susanne Beck, Robin Brehm, Marion Poetz from the OIS Center, together with Henry Sauermann propose a novel conceptualization of engaging citizens in scientific research projects. In a first step, the authors suggest “Participation in Decision Making” as a key defining feature of deep crowd engagement and co-created projects, as this allows citizens to truly shape the direction of the entire project. In a second step, the authors analyze 23 interviews with citizens and professional scientists from ten co-created citizen science projects in Europe and the USA to surface challenges that are particularly relevant to joint decision-making. The paper further outlines meaningful practical implications for everyone engaged in realizing citizen science projects.

JPIM Research Forum 2022