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Webinar: How to achieve societal impact with my project?


29.06.2022, 10-11:30 h CET


Zoom, online



Impact, and especially societal impact, is a concept which is increasingly gaining traction. It is about making sustainable changes to address societal needs. But how can we achieve this and what is important to consider, notably in transdisciplinary settings? This webinar introduces what societal impact can look like and presents the tools and services the Open Innovation in Science Center offers to plan, monitor and assess the impact of your project.

We invite researchers of all disciplines, as well as patients and patient organizations, citizen scientists and other civil society actors participating in transdisciplinary projects to participate to the webinar.

Webinar by:

Mathieu Mahve-Beydokhti, / LBG OIS Center


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Dipl. Ing.in Caroline May Hammoutene

Program Manager Capability Building

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