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SCIENCE4YOUTH - A science education program for young people

SCIENCE4YOUTH aims to empower young people to participate as co-researchers in research teams and to represent their voice in research. To enable this, the LBG OIS Center offers a two-semester training program for young people aged 16+ who are interested in research and the current research focus of the program.


Within 6 modules, young people are educated on basics and principles of science, familiarize themselves with the research process and get to know Open Innovation in Science (OIS) methods. Following the “Flipped Classroom” approach, an online learning platform helps to convey learning contents in a playful and practice-based way, while personal meetings allow for discussions and further deepening of knowledge.

With the support of mentors (scientists from different disciplines and experts by experience) participants develop their own research questions and design research projects. The best research project receives the SCIENCE4YOUTH Award. Following the program, participants can apply their knowledge within a two-week internship at an LBG research group.

Class of 2018-19


The Thematic focus

The SCIENCE4YOUTH class of 2018/19 revolved around the topic of mental health. Young people were able to design their research projects on a research question in this area. Participants completed their internship at one of the two LBG Mental Health research groups D.O.T. - Die offene Tür and VILLAGE, who focus on supporting children of mentally ill parents.

The Participants

The first SCIENCE4YOUTH class was attended by 19 participants, 11 of whom completed their own research projects. The winners of the SCIENCE4YOUTH Award were invited to Hamburg in September 2019 to present their research projects at the Science Stage of the European Researchers' Night and to participate in the Research Ride.

SCIENCE4YOUTH 2018/19 Timeline

You want to find out more about the program? The process documentation (in German) provides a detailed overview of the program process and insights into experiences of the first round:


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