Investigating antecedents, contingencies and consequences of applying Open Innovation principles and methods in science

our research focus

The LBG OIS Center aims to investigate whether, and if so, how and under which conditions, open innovation principles and methods can be applied in science, and how this influences efficiency, novelty and impact of scientific research, with a view to building an understanding of

  • overall opportunities and risks of OIS
  • types of scientific research projects and research project phases for which open innovation methods and principles are particularly relevant
  • approaches to collaboration, knowledge sourcing and/or knowledge sharing which are particularly relevant in different scientific research projects and along different phases in the research process
  • novel approaches to capturing value from scientific research and by means of OIS
  • individual capacities for OIS and ecosystems which facilitate OIS on the level of organizations, scientific communities or society in general

Scientific work is often characterized by secrecy and competition between teams. If scientists learn how to leverage openness and collaboration, we can make significant progress towards more inclusive and more efficient knowledge production.

Henry Sauermann
Associate Professor, European School of Management and Technology Berlin, Germany and OIS Research Partner

Ongoing research projects

  • Exploring the potential of crowdsourcing in a science context
  • Investigating open value capture strategies for translating science into innovation
  • Identifying determinants for sustainably integrating open practices in science
  • Organizational design for Open Innovation in Science
  • Outcome effects of Open Innovation in Science

Our Research Partners

Karin Beukel

Assistant Professor

Department of Strategy and Innovation,
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Christoph Grimpe


Department of Strategy and Innovation,
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Stefan Haefliger


Strategic Management & Innovation, Cass Business School,
City University London, UK

Karin Hoisl


Chair of Organisation and Innovation, University of Mannheim, Germany

Tinna Nielsen

Anthropologist and Founder

Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness, Denmark

Henry Sauermann

Associate Professor

European School of Management and Technology Berlin, Germany

martin schreier


Institute for Marketing Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

martin wallin


 Innovation Management, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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