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Our second CRIS project is currently in preparation. In this project, we aim to crowdsource research questions within the clinical context of traumatology. With the help of our project partner, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology, we hope to gain new insights into the field and crowdsource a myriad of research questions drawn from expert knowledge that has not yet been addressed by research.

Co-operation PROJECT with LBI Human Rights

We are currently setting up a collaboration project with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Human Rights.

With this project, the LBG OIS Center will assist the LBI Human Rights in applying OIS methods to a project on worldwide torture.  

LOIS PROJECT: Collaborative Writing Effort

Together with our LOIS 2016/17 participants and faculty members, we are currently working on a collaborative writing effort to investigate Open Innovation in Science practices. 

This project is taking new avenues in collaborative writing by using new tools and forms of cooperation in writing up research articles.   

Open Science: what's in it for me? Workshop 2017

To improve knowledge about Open Science tools and methods, the LBG OIS Center organized an Open Science workshop on September 20, 2017.

This workshop was geared towards researchers, librarians and research managers to give an overview about state of the art methods and tools.  The workshop was jointly organized by the LBG OIS Center, Open Access AustriaAustrian Transition to Open Access and Open Knowledge Austria.

5 1/2 days of Research in 1 Hour! Austrian Catchathon to speed up Alzheimers research

Involving the crowd into research processes is one major goal of the LBG OIS Center. For this, including the crowd into data analysis through gamification approach can speed up research. Our colleagues from Cornell University and the Human Computation Institute have developed a great game called stallcatchers using a virtual microscope to detect tiny blood clots in the brain vessels (on a brain scan). By playing this game, everyone can accelerate Alzheimers research.   

On World Alzheimer's Day, September 21, 2017, the LBG OIS Center organized the first Austrian Catchathon event to help fight Alzheimer's disease. On this day, 84 catchers from ten different teams from all across Austria played stallcatchers for 1 hour and produced 5 1/2 days of research output. 

Find a comprehensive blogpost on how Austria broke the record for maximum hourly annotations here.

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