LOIS Curriculum

Subject to the LOIS format, the curriculum involves ...

  • basic training modules on Open Innovation in Science (Open Innovation strategies, concepts, models, methods, best-practice examples, contingencies and their application in a scientific context)
  • specific training modules on opening up scientific discovery (novel approaches to involving widely distributed knowledge in generating new scientific insight such as crowd science)
  • specific training modules on opening up the translation of scientific knowledge into innovation (open and collaborative approaches to science-based entrepreneurship and innovation)
  • specific training modules on enabling and facilitating Open Innovation in Science (developing individual and organizational capacities for openness, sharing and collaboration in science)
  • practice modules in the form of supervised OIS lab project work and lab project meetings

LOIS has been developed in a collaborative fashion among Open Innovation and Open Science experts from all over the world and is continuously advanced by involving the OIS community. I am very grateful for the opportunity to establish such an experimental space for rethinking the way we do science and research, discussing opportunities for how we can improve novelty, quality and impact by means of applying Open Innovation principles and methods, and designing and implementing actual Open Innovation in Science projects. LOIS is an effective nudge for the cultural shift necessary to integrate open and collaborative practices into scientists’ day-to-day work.

Marion Poetz
Scientific Director LBG OIS Center & LOIS, Associate Professor Copenhagen Business School
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