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Topic: Big Data Analytics

When: September 7, 2018

Where: Forum Mozartplatz, Mozartgasse 4, 1010 Vienna

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This workshop introduces researchers to the notion of “Big Data” — an evolving set of challenges and associated techniques for wrangling large, diverse, and complex datasets in order to extract useful information. Participants will learn various dimensions of Big Data, such as volume, variety, velocity, variability, and veracity. They will participate in a Big Data simulation game that provides a first-hand view of common Big Data challenges. This will be followed by an overview that attaches Big Data concepts to the simulation game experiences and provides participants with a theoretical toolbox that can be used later in the workshop. Participants will be invited to bring up their own Big Data problems to be analyzed in breakout groups, as an opportunity to apply learned concepts to real-world Big Data problems. The workshop lecturer will also provide a walkthrough of a real-world Big Data problem and working solution. Overall, the module aims at providing participants with an overview of Big Data concepts, a hand-on grasp of Big Data challenges, and the courage and basic skills needed to approach new Big Data issues in the future.

Host: Pietro Michelucci, Guest Speaker Pablo Suarez

Cost: Regular 350 EUR LOIS participant 150 EUR

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Applications for LOIS One-year Program 

Application has ended November 15, 2017. Applicants have been informed about their admission via e-mail. Application for the next One-Year Program to come.

LOIS offers professional development for max. 25 researchers and scientists from various scientific disciplines (including natural sciences, social sciences, applied sciences and humanities).

LOIS applicants need to be affiliated with a university or another research institution, hold a doctoral degree, have a minimum of three years of relevant experience as scientific researchers and demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English. 

All submitted applications will be pre-filtered according to formal criteria. Formally qualified applications will subsequently be reviewed by an international jury of Open Innovation in Science experts.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact us at office.ois (at)

applications for LOIS SPRING School

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