February 16, 2021

First results of the working group for impact assessment

A group led by our center analysed the impact of Austrian Research and Innovation policies on the relation between science and society.

Through the expertise developed in the Impact program, the LBG OIS Center participated in a working group on the impact of Research Technology and Innovation (RTI) policies in Austria, to shed light on the state of the art of this endeavour and to open a discussion between institutions. The working group was launched by the Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (Fteval) with the participation of several Austrian research, funding and non-profit organisations.

Our center led one of the sub-groups, that analysed the impact of RTI policies in particular on the relation between science and society. The group focused on RTI policies in Austria aiming at participatory approaches in research, as they have gained increasing attention in the last years for their potential to directly affect the relationship between science and society. The published results enable a shared understanding on the assessment of the impact of such policies, and therefore may be used to inform the discussion among policy makers in research, technology and innovation but also individual evaluators. Moreover, the group proposes concrete measures to deepen the understanding of the role that RTI policies can play in improving the relationship between science and society in the Austrian context. Read more in the document below.

The discussion in the Fteval working group is continuing in two other sub-groups, that are currently analysing the specific aspects of the impact of RTI policies on social innovations and on "green economy" respectively. Their results will be published soon on this page

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