June 14, 2018

Crowdfunding project: Support the Atlas of Torture!

There is a great research project out there that aims to improve awareness for human rights, make data easily accessible and accelerate research: the Atlas of Torture project from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights! A cooperation platform to lead the global fight against torture and ill-treatment by strengthening evidence-based research. 

If we can manage to raise at least 50,000 EUR of funding, the Atlas of Torture will come to life. The OIS Center actively supports the Atlas of Torture crowdfunding.

In 30 days we need to raise at least 50,000 EUR in order to establish this global cooperation platform aimed at raising awareness, collecting information and empowering people worldwide. It will provide a unique resource for states, researchers, human rights defenders and the general public to learn more about the topic, exchange and engage.

HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT — make a financial contribution to make the Atlas of Torture a reality and spread the word via social media!


Together we are more powerful than we often think!

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