May 15, 2019

Special Issue on Open Innovation in Science (OIS) in the Journal Industry & Innovation

Policy makers and funding agencies increasingly encourage linkages between science, businesses and society in the hopes of improving the societal impact of science and innovation (e.g., European Commission, 2018). To some extent, these ideas are reflected in the increased use of Open Innovation and Open Science approaches in academia as well as in industry and government sectors.

It is time to better integrate the discussions around Open Innovation and Open Science and take the next step in investigating openness and collaboration in the context of science. For doing so, we propose the concept of Open Innovation in Science (OIS) as a unifying foundation for understanding antecedents, processes, consequences and contingencies related to applying open and collaborative practices along the entire process of generating new scientific insight and translating it into innovation.

To advance the OIS research agenda, it is important to take a balanced view that recognizes important contingency factors: openness and collaboration are not ends but rather potentially powerful means for improving scientific research in terms of novelty, efficiency and societal impact. But the effectiveness of these approaches may depend on individual, organizational and ecosystem‐level factors. We invite original scholarly work (conceptual and empirical) that investigates whether, how, and under which conditions applying open and collaborative practices along one or more stages of the scientific knowledge generation and dissemination process influence novelty, 
efficiency and/or impact of scientific research.

With this OIS Special Issue we aim at encouraging research around this integrated and contingent view on open and collaborative practices in science. We hope to lay the foundation for fruitful future discussions on these topics, and by doing so, contribute to shaping the science of science.

This Call for Papers has been formulated along the lines of the 1st Open Innovation in Science (OIS) Research Workshop in Vienna (May 2019), organized by the Guest Editors, hosted by the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft’s Open Innovation in Science Center (LBG OIS Center) in collaboration with the European School of Management and Technology Berlin and Copenhagen Business School, and supported by the Austrian National Foundation for 
Research Technology and Development.

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019.

Guest editors: Susanne Beck, Christoph Grimpe, Marion Poetz and 
Henry Sauermann. 


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